what is
Pharmabase is an online meeting point especially created for
people in the pharmaceutical business.

why should I register?
When you register yourself to the database
other chiron people know where and how to stay in contact with you.
You can maintain your own contact information.

is it free?
you can try it 1 year for free! after that you only pay 6 dollars
per year. These are the features you get:

- all your chiron friends online
- unlimited inweb messages
- advanced searching for other registered pharma people
- inweb forum for discussions etc. (still in progress)
- maintain your own contact information, unlimited changes.

what if I want to close my account?
- Your account will be closed automatically after your Trial period
- Your account also closes if yearly fee is not payed
- You can always close your account instantly by sending an email to: (will be automated in the future)

all other question please contact us at: